Concept Award


Awards : Concept Award

Conceptual Project

Designer : Parker (Lin Bao, Liu Su, Shiyang Chuai, Naiquan Gu, Daniele Carlini)

Social distancing is a new social order during the COVID-19 period. It requires people to maintain more distance from others in public places on moral, psychological, and policy level, so as to avoid potential interpersonal transmission of the virus. It is a modification of the basic parameters of human society, which greatly affects almost all aspects of the world in the process of transition from old social orders to new ones. Despite its undeniable benefits, social distancing has inevitable negative sides too. People communicate less and become skeptical due to social distance. The social fabric of our society will forever be affected by it, with a “new normality” to face and embrace. Our task is to explore how to minimize the negative effects of social distancing and encourage people to keep communicate in this new normal while social distance is still kept. To this end, we establish a service system with a belt that can visualize social distance -- "S-circle", to help users interact with others within a safe social distance. The belt will project a varied circle of social distance on the ground, which not only explicitly visualizes each person's social distance, but also visually guides and encourages more interaction. We believe that face-to-face communication has become more critical and precious during the epidemic, and "S-circle" aims to create more beautiful person-to-person interactions while ensuring social distance. Only together with others can we survive this unprecedented disaster.






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