Merit Award

Respiratory protection-Power air purifying respirator

Awards : Merit Award

Non-Conceptual Project

Designer : Shenzhen DaYu Industry Co., Ltd.

Currently operators usually wear the protective suits, protective masks, goggles or facial masks equipment in order to prevent respiratory disease and filter the contaminations in the air. However, it will be easily to make some difficulty in breathing, stuffy on the heads and goggles foggy as well as facial and muscles damage. Our self- development and unique Power Air Purifying Respirator product is the first innovator in the similar products in China. Smart Air-outlet system PAPR can prevent several harms and make a complete prevention including respiration, face, eyes and head. It is a new equipment to prevent the respiratory disease and polluted air.

Products Advantage: 1,The filtration efficiency is 99.94%, which has been tested by the certification authorities. This figure is higher than N99 mask. 2,Comfortable respiratory experience will decrease the respiratory resistance greatly, better for long time use. 3,Providing a complete protection on the respiratory, eyes and faces. 4,Wearing the eyes glasses will never be a problem. It helps resolve facial stuffy issues. 5,Smart air outlet design system is fast and efficient. 6,Simple operation, easy for cleaning and sterilizing. 7,Light weight easy for wearing. 8,Built-in battery can make a non-stop operation up to 15hours. 9,Suitable for long term use. Particle’s filtration components can support 120 hours continuously.





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