Merit Award

VR Glasses Disinfectant Box

Awards : Merit Award

Non-Conceptual Project

Designer : Yu Feifei, Chevin Hu

Innovation: Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the disinfection of VR glasses contacted with the face is particularly important. This "VR glasses disinfection box" came into being. This design has four innovations: (1) perfect suitable of the VR glasses in the market; (2) no "plug in" mode design, link the charging treasure, standby time longer than 2 days; (3) UVC-LED deep ultraviolet light source disinfection technology can kill 99.9% of the pathogens.(4) intelligent and convenient one click disinfectant function. When you turn on the machine, you can disinfect and disinfect on time. Economic efficiency: The annual sales of VR glasses have reached one million level, of which the usage of public places accounts for a large proportion, and every time they touch different users, such as a VR helmet (glasses) of a offline experience shop, at least contact with dozens of people every day, the VR helmet (eyeglass) disinfect is particularly important. The VR glasses disinfectant box does not need to use alternating current, it can move at any time and anywhere.And it can be reused, and high cost performance. Environmental friendly: With the gradual control of COVID-19, more and more public VR players are entering the normalization stage. Nowadays, the VR glasses are usually disinfected by alcohol and disposable disinfectant wipes, and then the disposable napkins are dried to stay in the glasses residual alcohol. However, VR glasses are frequently used, and alcohol, disposable disinfectant wipes and disposable napkins are used more frequently.And the efficiency of manual wipe is low. The product uses deep ultraviolet light source disinfection technology, which can be reused, avoiding secondary pollution, reducing unnecessary waste of disposable wipes and tissues, and being more friendly to the environment.





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