2020 深圳环球设计大奖 特别奖



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About SDA

The Organizing Committee of the Shenzhen Design Week cordially invites designers from around the world to enter the Shenzhen Global Design Award 2020(Special Edition): Anti-Coronavirus Product Design Award.

The unexpected coronavirus pandemic brought immeasurable losses to our life and society. As the pandemic is currently still raging in many countries and regions, how we cope with it is a common task for all of us, and it raised new topics for the global design communities.

Shenzhen Global Design Award has always been focusing on sustainable development, hence the organizing committee sets up a special edition for 2020 – Anti-Coronavirus Product Design Award. We invite designers and design companies around the world to enter to find more and better solutions to combat this disease. This attempt echoes with the permanent theme of SDA: Design for Sustainability.

The special edition of SDA is supported by the Organizing Committee of the Shenzhen Design Week and organized by the Shenzhen City of Design Promotion Association (SDPA).

Awards & Prizes

  • 至尊奖

    Grand Award

  • 优秀奖

    Merit Award

  • 概念奖

    Concept Award


Judging Panel

The judging panel consists of 5 world-leading designers and managers of design organizations in the field of industrial and product design from different countries. Jury members (including 2 shortlisted jurors) are nominated by the SDA Academic Committee and invited by the SDA Organizing Committee. Biographies of jury members will be published on the official website at least one month before the judging dates.
Due to the pandemic, judging will take place online. Jury members will select finalists for the Grand Award and Merit Award, and finalists for the Concept Award, then select the winners via real-time online meeting.
The Chairman is elected by jury members at the first meeting. The Chairman will be responsible for convening the meetings, monitoring the progress and announcing the final results.
Members of the judging panel should not enter the competition. If an entry is a project designed by a juror or involving a juror, or a project by an entrant who has previously cooperated with a juror or is currently cooperating with a juror, the involved juror shall NOT participate in the review of this entry.

  • Lighting
  • Telecommunication
  • Automobiles & Vehicles
  • Sports & Leisure
  • Babies & Kids
  • Medicine & Health
  • Service Design
  • Household
  • Office
  • Robotics

Registration and Application

Entrants must register on the official website of the Award ( and submit supporting documents (all materials must be written in English) before 18:00, 14 October 2020 (GMT+8:00) by following the steps below:
  • 01

    Register And Create Your Account

    Read and agree to the terms & conditions

  • 02

    Log In Your Account

    Fill in information of designer and projects, upload profile photos and project documents

  • 03

    Submit or edit

    If the documents submitted are rejected by the Secretariat, please complete or revise your information as instructed.

1.Judging procedure of this Award will take place ONLINE and entrants do NOT need to ship tangible products.

2.After judging is over, candidates who receive emails from the Secretariat shall provide relevant legal documents as requested (click here for sample).