Concept Award

Intelligent anti-epidemic security system

Awards : Concept Award

Conceptual Project

Designer : Zhengzhou Feish Industrial Design Co., Ltd.

Through functional combination and form innovation, the product meets the security inspection, certification, and disinfection requirements of passers-by during the epidemic prevention and control period. Airports, stations, customs and other public passenger and freight places have a huge flow of people. The prevention and control of the epidemic in the early stage is very difficult, and it is prone to disorder and cross-infection. Through functional combination and design form innovation, users can quickly and safely complete security inspections according to prompts, and complete identity authentication, temperature monitoring, disinfection and other operations. At the same time, personal belongings can complete security inspection and disinfection through the security inspection channel. Baggage disinfection security check and passenger disinfection security check can be combined and juxtaposed according to needs. Security check and disinfection are carried out simultaneously to reduce security check time; infrared automatic detection, electrolytic water atomization and disinfection, low production cost, sterilization time period, and no harm to the human body. The whole process is convenient and efficient.





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