Concept Award


Awards : Concept Award

Conceptual Project

Designer : MM Design srl

Covid-19, changing our habits of life, made it necessary to introduce precise rules of behavior to avoid the spread of the virus as much as possible. In order to respect these rules, products and services have been created that allow us to return to social life in absolute safety. The project of the movable walls was born with this precise need: to split out the spaces with elements that can be positioned according to the needs and easily assembled together and moved. The walls were conceived as modular elements (1800x600), easily assembled together and thanks to a special ground support also self-supporting. The geometric pattern created on the flat faces also allows infinite aggregation and the fixing joint allows an angle of 60 ° to create even curved movements in space and thus adapt to all the specific requests. The system is also designed to accommodate different materials inside the hexagonal niches ranging from colored laminates to Plexiglas, thus allowing a huge variety of customizations. The system also provides the possibility of mounting shelves making the product at the same time also an exhibition wall. The system can therefore be used in work spaces as well as in domestic ones, in exhibition spaces as in passageways, by appropriately choosing the most suitable colors and materials. The material is HDPE, extremely robust and attentive to the needs of the environment, and therefore recyclable.





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