Concept Award

Exploration of a new isolation method -- inflatable shelter isolation chamber

Awards : Concept Award

Conceptual Project

Designer : SEU design team - Li Haoran, Wang Xinyi, Wang Bingsheng and Cui Jianzhang

DESIGN CONCEPT: The medical isolation device during the epidemic period was redesigned innovatively to show the design style and social responsibility and responsibility of college youth. The isolation cabin adopts inflatable membrane structure and foldable design, which is simple and convenient for storage and transportation. It is dedicated to meet the needs of large-scale isolation of patients in the outbreak of epidemic. Through the use of new materials, explore new, environmentally friendly, convenient and effective isolation methods, hoping to provide patients with a comfortable and warm treatment environment. DESIGN HIGHLIGHTS: In terms of honeycomb shape and material, PTFE membrane with flexible membrane structure is selected for easy handling. In the aspect of structure, the solar power supply device is designed on the top of the isolation room, and the necessary transfer window is combined with the door, which is conducive to the design of the expansion slope pushed by the sickbed; in view of the potential safety hazard of the inflatable structure which is easy to blow away by strong wind, the stability design of the bottom plate is ensured. In terms of performance, daylighting is fully considered in the isolation room; the activated carbon filter device is designed on the top, and the indoor space planning is combined with ergonomics; considering the centralized application scenarios of products, the reserved channel is designed as a buffer zone to ensure the safety of medical staff. USAGE MODE: The unit building method is simple, only two people can complete. When building the unit, firstly pull the handle of the elevation of the unit chassis in the combined state, and the hexagonal chassis can be opened and closed through the rotating shaft structure; after the chassis is fully deployed, connect the lower inflation port with the inflation equipment, wait for the gas to support the membrane structure of the unit; when the gas in the unit reaches saturation, take down the inflation equipment, close the inflation port, and the unit building is completed. When closing the unit body, open the air outlet on the other side of the inflation port to discharge the internal gas of the unit body, and then repeat the above operation in the reverse direction.





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