Merit Award

Guangdong Health Code (GHC)

Awards : Merit Award

Non-Conceptual Project

Designer : Digital Guangdong Network Construction Co. LTD

Guangdong Health Code (GHC) is a health pass code developed on the WeChat mini program Yueshengshi. It has been widely applied in 21 cities in Guangdong Province, covering many important public scenarios, including airports, wharves, railway, highway stations, hospitals, communities, industrial parks, office spaces and shopping malls etc.. Individuals can obtain their own Guangdong Health Code by logging onto the Guangdong Provincial Affairs WeChat mini program using their real names on their mobile phones. GHC does not require people to fill in health information, thus realising one-code access. Relying on the national integrated government service platform, GHC supports local normalization of pandemic prevention and control, custom clearance in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, and strict prevention of overseas imported cases etc.. GHC red code research and judgement system enables data sharing and recognition across provinces, regions and cities, providing a wide series of pandemic prevention services. These services include: inquiries into key populations for pandemic prevention and control, management of pandemic prevention in public places, cross-regional recognition of GHC among Guangdong, Macao and Hong Kong, cross-border entry of truck drivers in Guangdong and Hong Kong, nucleic acid testing (NAT) records, query about serum-specific IgG antibody testing records, query about health certificate status, query about entry status record and query about national high-risk areas etc.. As of December 13th, GHC has been used by 104.34 million people and 2.01 billion times in total; among which 10.71 million cases happening in support of pandemic prevention and control of 480,000 people entering overseas. GHC has also served a total of 37.95 million people for customs clearance, including 960,000 cases transferred from Ao Kang Code (health code in Macau) to GHC and 940,000 cases transferred from GHC to Aokang Code. A total of 19,000 truck drivers declared for Guangdong-Hong Kong cross-border entry, contributing to 2.95 million times of display.






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