Merit Award

Three Anti-coronavirus Swordsmen

Awards : Merit Award

Non-Conceptual Project

Designer : Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.

Since the first Chinese CT Scanner is manufactured by Neusoft Medical Systems (NMS), who has been leading the CT industry in China for more than 20 years. In addition, chest-imaging diagnosis is essential for coronavirus screening, it is definitely a responsibility for NMS to fight with the Covid-19 together. NMS successfully developed the Container CT in just 7 days at the faster speed in the industry. The Container CT is an independent unit, which can start diagnosis once it is installed outside the hospital, in order to reduce cross infection and save the construction cost. Mobile CT Unit can even access anywhere so the patients do not need to move. Moreover, the 256-slice and 512-slice CT scanner are equipped with the fastest hardware. We co-developed with Academician Zhong Nanshan a software tool by artificial intelligent technology, in order to reduce the diagnosis time for radiologists and the risks of misdiagnosis. Last but not least, the data can be transferred to expert consultation as fast as possible, via the NMS Imaging Cloud platform as well as the China’s 5G technology. With strong R&D strength and technology accumulation, NMS has formed a complete product line with different slices of CT detector. Hospitals can choose any models per their needs. Regarding to the post-epidemic solution, the “Anti-coronavirus Swordsmen” can reuse to achieve the sustainability. The Container CT can remain as an independent fever clinic. The CT scanners from the container can directly transfer into radiology department. The Mobile CT Unit can use as Mobile Body-check Center or an emergency rescue vehicle, which can provide the CT examination for patient with stroke before arriving the hospital. CT Scanners, Container CT as well as Mobile CT Unit, all together achieve from “overall shortage” to “overall balance and partly shortage”, and then “full pack in key disease areas.” Due to the contribution in the national health defense, the National Health Commission and the State Council sent the thank letters to NMS.







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