Merit Award

BeneFusion n system

Awards : Merit Award

Non-Conceptual Project

Designer : Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center (Designers: Chai Haibo, He Lijuan, Tao Linjie, Gao Weiliang, Zhou Xiang, Jiang Xia, Zhang Lei, Zou Xiaoling)

Infusion pump products are one of the essential equipment in the patient treatments in the fighting against Covid 19 in 2020 with precise drug treatment. Mindray infusion pumps are used in HUOSHENG mountain and LEISHENG Mountain. According to ECRI research, medication errors caused by infusion pumps are one of the top ten technical medical accidents. The BeneFusion n Series intelligent infusion system is designed for ensuring the safety of medication and improving the clinical efficiency. The unique 7-inch full HD touch screen which embedded with a smart medication management system, makes the operation of caregivers more intuitive and simpler. The combination flexibility of 2-24 channels allows it meets with various infusion scenarios. With the intelligent interconnection, the nurse can obtain patient information immediately at anywhere, without missing any alarms. BeneFusion n series is the unique infusion system with a 7-inch full screen, leading the infusion industry to a new era of the intelligent interaction.The comprehensive docking solution provides a flexible combination of 2-24 channels to meets with different scenarios, from general wards to intra-hospital transfer, from sub-intensive care unit to intensive care unit. And the BeneFusion tDS transfer docking, which realize the seamless connection, allows the nurse to control the entire process with ease.





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