Concept Award

NCC (Non-contact Container)

Awards : Concept Award

Conceptual Project

Designer : RuiZhi Xiao

Based on the actual situation in China during the epidemic, this work ponders what will affect people when the disaster comes. The living habits of contemporary people have made people inseparable from modern logistics. During the epidemic, the increasingly high reward amount for couriers and the trend that everything is available for takeout make me reconsider the possibility of modern logistics. Based on the above situation, I designed this "NCC", which takes the family as the unit to realize contactless logistics. Moreover, through field research and data measurement, it has certain feasibility of landing and putting into the production line. In addition, while solving the survival problems brought by the disaster, the form of "sending out a song" will also make the whole process more human, which may create more interesting interactive situations for the receiver and the sender. Under the heavy disaster, it may bring some relaxation and warmth to both sides.





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