Merit Award

ePM patient monitor system

Awards : Merit Award

Non-Conceptual Project

Designer : Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. Industrial Design Center (Designers: Zou Huan, He Lijuan, Zhou Wenhui, Li Zedong, Zhou Xiang, Chen Yu, Yuan Weiwei, Jiang Xia)

Patients in sub-acute units are less critical but at risk of sudden status change or even deterioration. Lack of effective monitoring solutions to identify the deterioration in time leads to high unintentional mortality. Mindray ePM Series designed in a modular concept is a unique innovative “2-in-1” monitoring solution to fill the gap. It helps to quickly identify patient status by EWS. For patient turned critical, more parameters are required for monitoring. A liftable rack may extend advanced modules for monitoring critical patients while a sprung lid will be auto-closed for dust resistance after use. For recovering patients, the wearable modules offer a unique medical-grade full vital signs monitoring with accurate measurements. The light T-shape pods and the ergonomic integrative cables make it easy and comfortable to wear; the reliable multiple wireless technologies allow caregivers to track patient status anywhere at any time through the CMS and MobileViewer, which ensures patient safety; the non-physiological parameters monitoring helps speed up patient recovery. With all sharing modules, ePM provides the robust and economic solution for challenging clinical scenarios.





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